The U.S. Reinsurance Under 40s Group, Inc. Tours

Our organization was founded with the vision and mission to provide our members with educational, social, charitable and networking opportunities for members of the reinsurance industry within the U.S.

Ever since the U.S. Re Under 40s Group was founded, one of our goals has been to arrange annual trips for our members to learn about the insurance and reinsurance market globally. We launched our first tour in February 2012 to London and have grown our trips domestically and internationally. Our tours are a fantastic and educational opportunity that furthers the knoweldge and professionalism of our members. Our members are able to expand their relationships through networking and educational sessions, meetings, and luncheons/dinners. Each tour is strategically coordinated in reinsurance city hubs - Bermuda, London, Zurich, Munich, and Miami/Cayman Islands.

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